Who we are

Centurion Security S.A. is a professional British security company formed here in Guatemala under national and international standards. With a legacy of security experience from the British owners, which was not only obtained here in Central and South America but whilst working in high-risk environments such as Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Using our personal experiences, knowledge and backgrounds we were able to create a company that is able to provide a high quality service that operates at an international level with high values and a solid ethical base where our focus is not just on our clients but our employees as well.

Our goal is to engage with our long-term customers. We are committed from the beginning with a period of careful planning to ensure that risks are minimized and the associated safety measures are addressed to the correct levels.

Our security values are based on four principles of physical security:

  • Deterrence (deter possible criminals by deploying intelligent, well trained and well equipped guards, who are aware of their role and have specific orders from their guard posts for the task at hand).
  • Detection (Through our teaching methods and our internal intelligence, guards are trained to detect potential threats early and to anticipate any potential criminal activity).
  • Delay (delay the criminal in terms of the realization of their actions so that we are ready to react).
  • Reaction (React properly and with the least amount of force required while acting within the framework of the law).

"Loyalty above all"